KRA Architecture and Design is located in Bluffton South Carolina
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Secret Santa Project

In November 2013, KRA secretly posted a billboard on Highway 278 in Bluffton, SC asking passers by if they had any New Years Plans. The only other information the billboard gave was a link to a website, which asked the same question. The website also explained that this was a contest and provided a form for people to submit their creative and clever answers. Nowhere on the site or on the billboard was KRA mentioned, since the brains behind the project wanted to keep in a secret.

Local news organizations, began talking about this strange billboard and website. Some people were suspicious, but many were excited and answers came pouring into the site.

After the calendar changed from 2013 to 2014, the billboard was changed to reveal that "KRA has plans for you." Subsequently, KRA announced the winner of the contest to a group of reporters, Bluffton's Mayor Sulka, and a few others. KRA also took the opportunity to announce that this campaign was intended to get people interested in their residential design process, and that through out the year KRA would donate 10% of their profits from residential projects to Backpack Buddies of Bluffton.

Finally, the winner of the contest was announced and was given an opportunity to read her submission. For her poem, Patricia Mulholland received a prize package worth $11,600, which included a $7,500 credit toward a custom residential architectural design from KRA.